Wild Zambia

If East Africa is the home of Safari, then Zambia can lay claim to being the home of the walking safari. Pioneered by the late Norman Carr in the 1960’s, walking safaris in Zambia have become synonymous with this highly underrated safari destination. Walking safaris are a unique way to experience some of the fascinating smaller animals and insects.

Located between two of Africa’s main watersheds, Zambia’s topography is characterised by vast river valleys and extensive nutrient rich flood plains. It is a combination of these geographical and physical conditions that come together to give Zambia its unique and abundant wildlife with the Zambezi Valley, Kafue National Park (NP), South Luangwa NP and the world’s largest waterfall, Victoria Falls as the premier attractions.

In addition to walking safaris, Zambia also offers some of the best game driving in Africa and is one of the few countries that allows night drives – opening up a whole new world of animals and birds unlikely to be seen during the day. With head guide Dominyk Lever qualified as a walking and driving guide in Zambia’s South Luangwa NP, you can’t go past Zoom Photo Safaris to plan your Zambian adventure.

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